A Day at the Zoo: Puzzle 1

So, where should we begin?” you ask Molly the Monkey.

Lets ask patches the Giraffe – she lives next door and her long neck means she always has a good view of this side of the zoo.”
Great idea! Let’s go” you reply as Molly swings her way through the enclosure and leads the way.

Hey Patches! We’re looking for Wilder – he escaped again! Have you seen him?” Molly shouts, hoping Patches could hear her, with her head all the way up in the clouds.

Oh Molly! Your brother is always getting into mischief! I did see him though – he was catching a ride on the back of Fang. They walked past me and towards the pathway that splits…I couldn’t see which direction they took though.

Thanks Patches!” you both shout as you head towards the path. That’s when you realise there are five different directions that Wilder and Fang could have gone in.

Molly scratches her head and asks “Which pathway should we take? There are so many:
I can see Safari lane, Jungle drive, Desert avenue, Rainforest road and Freshwater alley.

You think hard, but soon figure it out after spotting one vital clue!

Enter what pathway you decide to take to continue the adventure.