Rules: How it works

The aim of each game varies but each one is fun and challenging for all the family. Work your way through the puzzles to be victorious.

These games are best viewed on a computer/laptop/tablet device. A mobile device is not advised.

There are a few rules that are important to know before you get started and a few things you will need:

1. You will need something to write on and something to write with.

2. These games often require you to utilise the ‘additional information’ packs provided via email. This is in a PDF format and can be opened on another device or printed for ease of use. You will be prompted to use these during the game – you will require all of the packs from the beginning.

3. You can determine the number of players you wish to play with. Simply divide the information packs between the players evenly. If you’re playing alone this will mean lots more information to read so expect this to take a little longer than those who are working as a team.

4. Set a timer. There is no time limit to the online game, however we advise for that little bit of extra fun and pressure to set yourself a timer of 60-90 minutes. Most teams can escape within that time. These games are designed to be completed in one sitting – if you exit you will be required to start again.

5. Don’t be afraid to use your hints. Some of the answers to the puzzles are a little tricky, you really have to think out of the box. Try not to get stuck down a dead end for too long. The hints are there to help.

6. Type all your answers in lower case.

7. Have fun! That’s the ultimate aim of the game!

Good luck!