The Wizard’s Curse: Move in day…

image (pre-edit) with thanks to dan meyers. Unsplash

You did it – you finally bought a house and you got a bargain deal. Sure, they say its cursed and every family that lives here disappears…but I mean how true can that really be? Those old stories always get exaggerated! No-one has lived here for years.
This house is going to be just perfect, a fixer upper to make your own. With the help of some friends that is.

You’ve enlisted their help to get moved in and begin sorting through the mountain of stuff that you have. Although you’re pretty sure they’ve spent more time drinking tea than moving boxes.

“I’m going to take this stuff up to the attic” you shout loudly as you struggle up the ladder with the boxes.
‘How did I manage to gather so much stuff’ you groan to yourself.